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"Los pobres son la fuerza, no porque son pobres, sino porque son el mayor número. Cuando los pueblos tengan la conciencia de que son más fuertes que sus dominadores, no habrá más tiranos"

- Ricardo Flores Magón
Fragmento de su discurso sobre el Centenario de la Independencia pronunciado el 16 de Septiembre de 1910. (via canto-ala-alegria)

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Taken on May 15, 2010

Cuzamá sinkhole (cenote), Yucatan, Mexico.


Map of the Maya Ruins at Palenque, Mexico, c. 1000 CE

Vast swaths of the ruins at Palenque remain a mystery to archaeologists and architectural historians, shrouded by thick, ancient strata of forest.

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TAPO, Juan José Díaz Infante, 1979

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The Mesoamerican archaeological site of Tula, located in Hidalgo, approximately 75km north of Mexico City, Mexico. 

Tula is thought to have been the historical capital of the Toltec state. Pictured in the top photo are the 16’ high colossal atlantids atop Pyramid B. These atlantids depict rulers or warriors armed with spear-throwers and darts. To date we actually still do not know a great deal about the Toltecs (their name meaning “makers of things”), whom the Aztecs claimed to have descended from.

Photos taken by AlejandroLinaresGarcia.


Mexico’s 7.2 Earthquake at a Swimming Pool 

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